Twisted Social Experiment – Kill Theory Pits Friends Against Each Other

We’re all given choices in our lives. Each and every day we are faced with decisions. Do I go to work or call in ‘sick’? Do I love my wife or cheat on her? Do I love my unborn child or abort it?

The ability to make choices is the premise of Kill Theory. Six people, all friends, are given a choice by an unseen killer. They have until 6 A.M.-three hours-to kill each other. The last one standing goes free. But, if there is more than one person left alive, everybody dies. The choice is theirs.

Okay, first of all it looks like somebody has been watching a little too much Saw. It’s obvious where they got the idea for this movie from. However, a rip-off though it may be, it’s not a bad one. Where Saw seemed to paint it’s picture with a much broader brush stroke, this film succeeds for the most part by keeping things tight. The best thing about the film is that although every one in the film is pretty much a cookie cutter character, the roles are all filled by credible actors who carry the parts well. Ryanne Duzich impressed me the most in this film. Her character was as cliche’ as they come (the drugged-out alcoholic slut), but she plays the part well and never lets it slip into parody. The weak link in the film is Teddy Dunn as Brent. He, unfortunately, does allow his character (the rich frat boy) to slip into cliche’ oblivion.

Director Chris Moore ratchets up tension as the masked murderer sadistically forces victims to turn on each other to survive until dawn. The confined wilderness setting adds to the claustrophobic dread. While the killer’s elaborate schemes strain credibility, the young cast brings raw panic to their deteriorating situation.

At its core, Kill Theory explores how far ordinary people will go when pushed to the extremes. As the body count rises, the characters reveal their true nature under pressure. The build-up of suspicion and betrayal generates palpable suspense.

Though derivative of similar survival-centric horror, Kill Theory delivers a ruthless rollercoaster ride as bonds shatter. Gory kills and nasty double-crosses will keep viewers gripped as the nightmarish game plays out. For a grimly entertaining look at how friendship fails when lives are on the line, Kill Theory brings terror to trust.

I didn’t list the main killer in the credits. He’s not a big name actor, but you’ve seen him. I think it’s a good thing to leave some things a mystery. Oh, and if you want to know what I’d do in a situation like this; well I’d…

Agnes Bruckner as Jennifer

Patrick Fleuger as Michael

Taryn Manning as Alex

Teddy Dunn as Brent

Daniel Franzese as Freddy

Ryanne Duzich as Amber

Steffie Wickens as Nicole

Directed by Chris Moore

Written by Kelly C. Palmer