HIDDEN ‘Skjult’ (2009)

haunted house with shutters

Psychological Torment Unleashed – Hidden’s Haunting Return to Dark Pasts The 2009 Norwegian horror film Hidden delves into the psychological torment of a man forced … Read more


murderer holding a knife

Twisted Social Experiment – Kill Theory Pits Friends Against Each Other We’re all given choices in our lives. Each and every day we are faced … Read more


bone with flesh

‘Grimm Love’ – A Grisly Yet Thoughtful Look at the Rotenburg Cannibal I’m at a loss for words. I just watched a movie where one … Read more

THE REEDS (2009)

black and white water reeds eerie

‘The Reeds’ – A Stagnant Supernatural Thriller That Treads Water The Reeds is the kind of movie that you watch because you want to see … Read more


cannibals face

‘Dying Breed’ Plods Along Familiar Backwoods Horror Territory In the backwoods of Tasmania, a group of hikers find themselves prey to a clan of inbred … Read more