horrific car accident

‘The Broken’ – A Competent Supernatural Thriller Undermined By Familiar Influences In the moody 2008 supernatural thriller ‘The Broken’, a talented radiologist’s sanity unravels after … Read more

DREAD (2009)

woman holding a gun

‘Dread’ – A Chilling Psychological Thriller That Plumbs the Depths of Fear What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you? Is it the abandonment … Read more


monsters in the forest

‘Monsters’ – An Eerie Sci-Fi Romance That Lets Imagination Fill the Horror The first thing that I can say right out of the starting gate … Read more


dark underground cave

‘The Descent’ – A Nerve-Shredding Masterpiece of Claustrophobic Horror The Descent is one of the most harrowing and nerve-wracking horror films of the last twenty … Read more


full moon

‘Dog Soldiers’ – A Thrilling Horror Hybrid Brimming with Action and Atmosphere Before there was The Descent, there was Dog Soldiers; Neil Marshalls’ 2002 debut … Read more

THE REEDS (2009)

black and white water reeds eerie

‘The Reeds’ – A Stagnant Supernatural Thriller That Treads Water The Reeds is the kind of movie that you watch because you want to see … Read more


ghost child

‘Don’t Look Now’ – An Occult-Tinged Rumination on Grief and the Unknown If you so much as blink while watching “Don’t Look Now” you will … Read more


Haunted house

The Haunting – A Seminal Classic That Proves the Power of Subtle, Psychological Horror Can a house be evil? Or can a person slip so … Read more