hand holding knife

‘Wolf Creek’ – Brutal Aussie Horror Explores Depravity Based on Chilling True Events If you were to ask a random group of 10 people what … Read more

ROGUE (2007)

killer crocodile

‘Rogue’ Delivers Thrilling Giant Crocodile Horror Set in the Wilds of Australia In the history of the cinema there really haven’t been that many good … Read more


cannibals face

‘Dying Breed’ Plods Along Familiar Backwoods Horror Territory In the backwoods of Tasmania, a group of hikers find themselves prey to a clan of inbred … Read more


drowning hand up for help

Grief and the Supernatural Intertwine in Chilling Mockumentary ‘Lake Mungo’ “There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back … Read more

The Reef (2010)

Great White Shark: The Reef

THE REEF– Primal Aquatic Horror in the Australian Seas In the vast, merciless waters off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a ravenous shark stalks a group … Read more