ROGUE (2007)

killer crocodile

‘Rogue’ Delivers Thrilling Giant Crocodile Horror Set in the Wilds of Australia In the history of the cinema there really haven’t been that many good … Read more


cannibals face

‘Dying Breed’ Plods Along Familiar Backwoods Horror Territory In the backwoods of Tasmania, a group of hikers find themselves prey to a clan of inbred … Read more


drowning hand up for help

Grief and the Supernatural Intertwine in Chilling Mockumentary ‘Lake Mungo’ “There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back … Read more

The Reef (2010)

Great White Shark: The Reef

THE REEF– Primal Aquatic Horror in the Australian Seas In the vast, merciless waters off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a ravenous shark stalks a group … Read more