THE Green, Green Grass of Home-Tom Jones (Claude ‘Curly’ Putnam, Jr,)


“The Green, Green Grass of Home” is a bittersweet ballad sung by Tom Jones that seems to take inspiration from Ambrose Bierce’s classic short story. Both works focus on a man awaiting execution by hanging, dreaming of returning to simpler times.

In the song, a man reminisces fondly about his hometown and the “old house where I was born,” even visualizing his funeral procession passing by those cherished sites. The lyrics strongly evoke the condemned man’s nostalgia for home and a life cut tragically short.

This parallels Bierce’s story, where a Confederate sympathizer sentenced to hang pictures himself escaping and finally embracing his wife – only for it to be revealed as a fantasy in his dying moments. The vivid sensory details in Bierce’s story echo the rich nostalgic imagery in Jones’ lyrical ballad.

While the song’s narrator seems resigned to his fate, there is a similar sense of wishing desperately to return to familiar comforts one last time. Like the abrupt twist ending in Bierce’s tale, the listener realizes the man is still awaiting execution as he longs for home.

Both works underscore how potent memory and imagination can be in comforting us when confronted with our own mortality. By juxtaposing idyllic visions of home with tragic reality, the song and short story offer poignant perspectives on death’s looming shadow.