Gallows Pole – Led Zeppelin (Traditional)


With its pleading lyrics and mournful melody, “Gallows Pole” endures as one of Led Zeppelin’s most chilling executions ballads. Though the folk song’s origins are centuries old, Zeppelin’s haunting version imbues it with palpable dread.

The lament tells of a desperate prisoner bargaining with the executioner, begging him to delay the hanging until the condemned can gather ransoms from family and friends. Robert Plant’s wailing vocals horribly evoke the raw panic of a life hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Jimmy Page’s banjo plucking and John Paul Jones’ mandolin create an eerie, rustic backdrop.

As the narrator’s bargains grow increasingly futile, the instrumentation builds into a frenetic flurry, sonically capturing the terrified scramble to cheat death for a few moments more. Plant’s final shrieking refrain twists the knife – despite all pleas and promises, the prisoner winds up “dead and gone.”

Zeppelin transformed archaic lyrics into a truly timeless commentary on mortality. Within the simple folk tale, “Gallows Pole” locates the universal horror of watching death’s approach knowing escape is impossible. It distills the raw injustice of state-sanctioned execution into a primal and profoundly affecting song.