‘[REC]2’ – A Potent Shot of Found Footage Horror Adrenaline

The main thing I learned from [REC]2: When a priest, who, up to point where he reveals his true identity in order to save your butt; tells you to shoot the demonic, foaming at the mouth and really pissed off, no longer human individual in the head then that is exactly what you should do. This movie kinda felt like Aliens without Sigourney Weaver. You got your SWAT Team in place of the Colonial Marines, your priest in place of Bishop and some scared kids who don’t know how to mind their own business in place of Newt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the film makers did this on purpose; I’m just saying that’s what it reminds me of.

Spanish horror maestros Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza waste no time plunging viewers back into chaos with 2009’s ‘[REC]2’, picking up literally minutes after their acclaimed original left off. When a SWAT team enters the quarantined apartment building to investigate a viral outbreak, the threat proves even deadlier than expected – especially once demonic possession enters the equation.

While adhering to the first film’s found footage style, ‘[REC]2’ expands the lore in bold new directions. The SWAT agents and a vetted scientist soon cross paths with a priest who reveals the infected aren’t just virus carriers – they’re possessed by a diabolical entity. What ensues is a Vatican-approved effort to exorcise the evil via security tapes and Biblical ritual.

The directors throttle up the frenetic pacing, sending characters fleeing down lightless halls from slavering demons. The SWAT team adds a paramilitary dimension while also providing fresh human fodder. But Balagueró and Plaza respect the original’s spirit, focusing on atmosphere over cheap scares.

Gripping throughout, ‘[REC]2’ proves the limitations of found footage can still deliver seat-edge terror in the right hands. By expanding the mythos without losing momentum, the sequel provides a potent shot of adrenaline while deepening the nightmare.

I liked this movie. A lot. The first [REC] was one of the best ‘handheld camera’ films I’ve ever seen and this one picks up right where it left off. The action is top-notch and to be honest there is never really a dull moment throughout. I highly recommend this movie. But make sure you see the first [REC] before you see this one.