The Nightmare Continues – Revisiting ‘Halloween II’

In the chilling autumn of 1981, moviegoers returned to Haddonfield to find boogeyman Michael Myers still lurking in the shadows in ‘Halloween II’. With Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as terrorized babysitter Laurie Strode, the eerie sequel picks up right where its predecessor left off, on the same doom-laden night.

Trapped in the vacant halls of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, Laurie struggles to evade Myers’ unrelenting bloodlust despite her injured ankle. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis remains in pursuit of his deranged former patient, desperate to stop him before the body count rises. As darkness falls and the abandoned building grows quiet, the faceless killer stalks the corridors, the light glinting off his butcher’s blade.

While ‘Halloween II’ utilizes familiar tropes like the isolated setting and slow-building tension, it also reveals a shocking twist – Laurie learns she is actually Michael Myers’ sister. This familial link adds chilling resonance, implying evil can lurk even in one’s own bloodline.

Despite criticism for illogical plot choices, the sequel still delivers nerve-shredding set pieces tailor-made for the big screen. From a dark hospital room where Myers seems to materialize from the shadows, to a boiling hot tub full of victims, ‘Halloween II’ immerses audiences in an unsettling nightmare-scape.

While not as groundbreaking as its predecessor, this follow-up reminds viewers that in Haddonfield, the boogeyman never rests. It speaks to our primal fascination with the macabre, proving we’ll return again and again to confront our fears. As Laurie and Loomis stand against the shapeless evil embodied by Myers, we find reassurance that even in the darkest moments, humanity’s goodness persists.

Nearly four decades later, ‘Halloween II’ stands as a cult classic that brings us back to the origins of a towering horror franchise. Though later installments may have veered into self-parody, this 1981 sequel recaptures the bone-chilling, nerve-fraying experience that is Haddonfield after dark – when unseen evils emerge to prey on ordinary people, and surviving until dawn is the only goal. For devoted fans, and those newer to the saga, ‘Halloween II’ remains an essential part of the Myers mythology.


Dana Carvey made his movie debut in this movie playing an assistant. He can be seen receiving instructions from a blond reporter in front of the Wallace house.

The film is set immediately after the first Halloween. Since Jamie Lee Curtis had begun to wear a much shorter hairstyle in the 1980s, she had to wear a wig that matched her original hairstyle for the film.

Ben Tramer, who gets killed, is a reference to John Carpenter’s friend Bennett Tramer. They went to USC (University of Southern California) as Tramer wrote episodes for ‘”Saved By the Bell” (1989)’.